How We Help

If you own a dog, cat, or another type of pet, you know that things aren't always fun and games. While pets are a lot of fun and enrich your life in ways you never thought possible, they can also be a handful. This is especially true when your pet gets sick or injured and is in the midst of an emergency. Pet emergencies are never fun and are always scary. They can stem from your pet being involved in a fight with another animal, eating something that they shouldn't have, having a serious medical condition, or many other things. While you might have a local vet that you know and trust, general vets aren't qualified to treat certain types of emergencies. Emergency vets are specially trained professionals who have special certifications and extra schooling to prepare them for emergency situations. Anytime your vet requires emergency surgery or procedure, you need the services of an emergency vet.

What We Offer

When your pet requires emergency veterinary help, time is of the essence. While we don't employ emergency vets ourselves, we offer a helpful network of emergency vets and animal hospitals around the country. The odds are that you're not too far away from one no matter where you're at.

We offer several options in every state in the US and in most major cities. If we don't offer a vet in your immediate city, there should be one in the largest city nearest you. Once you find the emergency vet or animal hospital closest to you, you can find the following information.

  1. Directions to their location
  2. Their emergency hours of operation
  3. Their address
  4. Their phone number
  5. Information about the type of hospital or clinic they are
  6. A link to their website where you can find even more information

We have affiliate emergency vets and hospitals in all fifty states and in most major cities around the country. Being pet owners ourselves, we also understand that your pet doesn't just need emergency vet care. They need the best emergency care possible. That's why we only recommend the best of the best.

Access to Vets Open 24 Hours and on Weekends

As a pet owner, you've probably figured out that not all vets are open around the clock or on weekends. In general, only emergency vets are open 24/7 and on weekends, which is when it seems that most emergencies happen. They're never on your schedule and always seem to occur when your general veterinarian is unavailable. Unfortunately, not all cities and towns have an emergency vet or animal hospital within them. The general rule is that most towns with fewer than 50,000 to 100,000 people won't have an emergency vet. However, that's why our database allows you to find vets in cities close to you and not just where you're currently located. The problem with using Google to find an emergency vet near you is that they will show you all vet results and not just ones offering emergency services. With Vet Pets 24/7, however, we show only vet clinics and hospitals that offer emergency services that can save your pet's life. Be advised, however, that not all the emergency vets in our database are open 24 hours a day and on weekends. It will still be up to you to check the vet's hours of business, but we make it as easy as possible. We have all the information you need on our website and it's available at the click of a button.

What About Vets That are Open on Sunday?

Unfortunately, Sunday is the day that even most emergency vets take off. However, if there's an option near you, it will show up on our database. At the very least, there might be a vet in your area that takes emergency cases when you call in, even if they aren't typically open on Sunday. The emergency vets that we work with understand that pet emergencies don't take days off and they happen when you least expect it. They also know that if they aren't there to answer your call, no one else will be either and it could mean the life of your pet.

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